>New Store Installs Solar Power

>The new Kohls in Sacramento that just opened installed a solar array on its roof! Congragulations on choosing solar and being part of the solution on making our earth a better place to live! Thank You!


>for yucaipa residents!!

>the city of yucaipa is loaning 1.25m dollars to home owners to invest in renewable energies!! the way it works is you must get an approved system with an approved contractor to install. then you go to the cty hall of yucaipa and fill out all the info that they require. then what they do is if you qualify, you get the loan from the city that you pay back in 5yrs, 7yrs, 10yrs, or 20 yrs @ 7% interest on your property tax each time you pay your property tax. if you sell the home, the next owner resumes the debt. all you need to do is pay the payment when you pay your property tax. for more questions about this program, please call the city of yucaipa city hall for more info.

>what a tragedy!!

>my heart felt, sincere remorse and symphothy goes out to those that were in involed in the fires throughout southern california. In the station fire and the two yucaipa fires and the hemet fires!! I want to thank the brave firefighters that risk there lives everyday to save lives and homes!! and my condolisenses to the fallen firefighters that lost their lives in the station fire!! god bless them and all their familys! We here at Live Wire Electric co want to thank them for the life dedication to what they do!!