How to Ground an Electrical Panel in San Bernardino, CA

These are pictures of a panel change we did in Beaumont California (San Bernardino County).

The pictures show how to ground a panel from the cold water line to the gas.

And afterwards, we patched up the stucco, too!

For any home or residential electrical work, feel free to contact us.


Live Wire Electric Installs Security Surveillance CCTV System – Riverside, CA

Security cameras for commercial warehouse in Riverside, CAThese are tough economic times. In this financial environment, it is more important than ever to secure your commercial building and offices.

Live Wire Commercial Electrical contractors recently installed security and surveillance cameras at a commercial warehouse in Riverside, CA. We set up external cameras around the facility and installed a CCTV System which allows remote access to the cameras from anywhere in the world!

We have installed security and surveillance CCTV cameras at other commercial facilities in San Bernardino and Ontario, CA. Call us and let us help you secure your commercial office and warehouse.

security surveillance system for commercial office riverside cainstall security camera cctv monitor riverside ca

Protect Your Business and Stay Open with an Commercial Electrical Power Generator

commercial-power-generator-generac-san-bernardino-caHere’s a picture of a commercial power generator Live Wire Electric Co. recently installed for a client in San Bernardino, CA.

It is a Generac Commercial Series 22-150 kW, providing the client with full power protection. This generator is good for large homes and commercial operations, including restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations, assited living centers, and municipal buildings.

Don’t lose power for even a few hours. It can cost your business thousands of dollars. Food can spoil, security systems shut down, and customers turned away. Back up your business’ electric power and stay open!

Contact us if you have any questions about installing a commercial power generator in San Bernardino.