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Parking Lot Lights, Security Lighting, Sign Lighting. Riverside CALive Wire Electric Company electricians in Riverside and San Bernardino will install and configure lighting for parking lots, signs and security for your retail outlets or businesses.

Our licensed electricians will setup pole lighting for required foot candle regulations, and minimize glare. We also direct lighting to prevent lighting spillover into nearby streets, homes or businesses. We follow all existing codes.

Our electric contractors also instal and repair security lighting and sign lighting, including neon signs.


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Riverside Electrician Installs Timers for City’s Halloween Holiday Lighting

riverside electrician holiday lighting city street lights Live Wire Electric Co has recently completed contractor electrician work for the city of Riveside, CA. The city needed three street lights setup on their own timer, which bypasses the existing system.

The city of Riverside has setup a Halloween haunted house downtown. (Come visit!). Live Wire Electric licensed electricians disconnected the three street lights and then reconnected them to a new time clock that we can control.

The city requested that one of the street lights not light up at all, but the light post has a security camera on it, so we setup this connection also.

The holidays are coming! Call us to setup your holiday lighting in Riverside, Rancho Cucamonga or Redlands.