Service Main Electrical Panel, South Pasadena

Electrical Code CAIs this what your main electrical panel could look’s like?  Does it work 100% efficient to all your family’s electrical needs?  If not then give us a call.

This is a panel change Live Wire Electric did in the city of South Pasadena for our residential customer who had electrical needs beyond what their current one did not provide.  This is a 42 space Square D 200 amp residential panel. We removed the old ineffective service panel and installed this one with very little down time and to all state and local city codes.

So please give us a call at 909-528-4444 and visit us at and let our service professionals help your family or business electrical needs.  Thank you.


Commercial Electrical Contractor for the City of Riverside

Commercial Electrical Contractor for the City of Riverside

If you are looking to save money for your business Live Wire Electric Co. is the way to go for all your energy and money saving needs. Here are some ways that we can help you save money by reducing energy costs.

  1.  Energy saving T5 & T8 lamps- Both fixtures are energy savers and for maximum savings it is recommended that occupancy sensors are also used with theses lamps.
  2.  Motion sensors & occupancy sensors – Every penny counts with motion sensors & occupancy sensors you will never have to worry about unnecessary lights being left on all day and night.
  3. Solar – Solar is always the best way to go wither your looking to cut your energy costs in half or if you want to go completely off the grid and never have to pay another electrical bill. We are specially trained and certified solar insulators.
  4. Generators – If your business is susceptible to lost revenue due to power outages Live Wire Electric Co. can save you money and time. Install a generator so that your business will never have to worry about lost income due to power outages.

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Install 3-phase 480v Circuits, Conduits and Forklift Battery Charger.

ImageImageIn the city of San Bernardino we are installing 3-phase 480v circuits for our loyal/ happy customers.  This praticular project was 150ft of 1/2 conduit ran through some tight areas and installed from the main switch gear to the actual battery charger sensative to a specific type of forklift. This is just some of the work we do on time and on budget, with saftey and security in mind.  We always strive to be the best and do the best.

Questions? Call 909-528-4444 or visit our website.