Best of Riverside Award – Electrician Category. 2013

Best Electrician Award, Riverside CA 2013 Live Wire Electric Co has been selected for the 2013 Best of Riverside Awards in the Electricians category by the Riverside Award Program committee.

The Riverside Award Program recognizes outstanding local businesses throughout the Riverside area. Each year, they identify companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and community.

The committee’s selection is a reflection of the hard work of not only of Live Wire Electric Co., but of many people that have supported this business and contributed to the its subsequent success.

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Commercial Electrician- Riverside, CA.- 120v 20 Amp Time Clock Install

120v 20 amp time clock
120v 20 amp time clock

Hello friends,  its your helpful electricians from Live Wire Electric & Construction co. and this is a 120v 20 amp time clock for some outdoor lighting and a L.E.D. Electrical sign.  This  is a project we completed in the city of Riverside, Ca.  for a customer of ours.  This is a dedicated circuit for the time clock and lighting/ sign circuit.

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Commercial Electrician- San Bernardino, Ca. 3-Phase/ Single Phase Electrical Connections

5 pin electrical connectors
5 pin electrical connectors

Hello again friends, this is your local, friendly friends at Live Wire Electric & Construction co.  to share with you some work we performed in the city of San Bernardino, Ca.  This is a electrical enclosed flush mount junction box with a dead front so we could have our 5 pin electrical connections accessible to the front off the box without wires or splices being seen. This is for events at local parks, or business that have parking lot venues, or city venues who need outdoor electrical services for their tents, booths, or equipment.  If this or any other commercial, residential, or industrial electrical you are in need of, or any other construction project, give us a call @ 909-528-4444.  Visit or web-site at like us Facebook @ Live Wire Electric Company and follow us on Twitter @repairelectric.  Thank You!!

Commercial Electrician- Ontario, CA. 3-Phase 480v-277v 500 amp Breaker

500 amp breaker
   500 amp breaker

Hello again friends, this is your friendly electricians here at Live Wire Electric and Construction co.   This here is a service call/ replacement breaker for a customer of ours in the city of Ontario, CA.  This is a 480v-277v , 3 phase,  500amp main in/ main out feed distribution on breaker.  IF this or any other electrical, commercial, residential, or industrial electrical, or any other construction projected needed, give us a call @ 909-528-4444.  Check out our web-site @ like us on Facebook at Live Wire Electric Company and follow us on Twitter @repairelectric. Thank you.