120v – 20 amp Time Clock for Electric Sign – San Bernardino, Ca.

Install Repair Electric Sign
120v – 20 amp time clock for a electrical sign
San Bernardino Electrician
20 amp breaker in a 200 amp single phase electrical panel
San Bernardino License Electrician
Completed electric sign time clock

Hello there friends, this is your friendly and helpful electricians here to tell you about this electrical project we completed here in the city of San Bernardino, Ca.  We installed this 20 amp 120v circuit for time clock which was installed for an electrical sign.

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High Voltage Electrical- 3-phase 4800v-2400v- Riverside, Ca.

3 phase 4800v switch gear oil filled fused 3 phase 2400v tranformer

Hello there friends, this is your friendly neighborhood electricians at it again.  This is a high voltage 4800v-2400v 3-phase oiled filled switch gear and transformer.  This is a project that started being a service call, ( on the next blog i will show the oil filled fuse) where the fuses keep blowing out.  So this is phase one of a 3 phase blog ( no pun intended) as you can see from this photo we replaced the electrical wire which is 5kv-8kv rated wire because after much investigating and trouble-shooting, we were able to determine a short in the line from transformer to transformer.  We will have a blog about the wire later, this is a blog about just high voltage electrical in riverside, ca. a mobile home park.  So if this or any other electrical projects is needed, big or small, give us a call @ 909-528-4444.  Check us out @ http://www.lwelectrical.com, like us on Facebook @ Live Wire Electric Company, follow us on Twitter @repairelectric.  Thank you.