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Electrical Renovation Corona CA

Live Wire Electrical was originally hired just to setup the internet and phone connections. But they completely restored, rebuilt and renovated ALL electric power and lighting through the entire complex. Read more here >

After all electrical work was complete, the very satisfied clients hired the Live Wire team for further General Contracting on this property improvement Corona, including concrete, fixtures, ADA compliance – even landscaping.




Commercial Electrical Contractors Rancho Cucamonga

Commercial Electrical Contractors CucamongaWarehouse Lighting Rancho Cucamonga California

Install and maintain all electrical systems.
Standby / emergency power generators.
Warehouse Lighting.
Redistribute power and utilities.

Rancho Cucamonga California

Save Energy. Save Money. Improve workflow.

Live Wire Electric & Construction Commercial Electrical Contractors will:

  •  Install and maintain industrial standby or emergency power generators.
  • Test, inspect and regulate power loads and equipment to make sure everything remains in continuous operation, with no down time or loss of revenue.
  • Install energy-saving lighting, conduits and wiring, load testing, security and surveillance.
  • Test, upgrade, install and maintain any electrical systems: panels, switches, wiring, sockets, machinery.
  • Redistribute power and utility lines throughout your commercial facility. We can handle it all at competitive rates.

Give us a call at 909.528.4444 for assessment.

Click here for information on our commercial industrial electrical services.



High Voltage Electrical- 3-phase 4800v-2400v- Riverside, Ca.

3 phase 4800v switch gear oil filled fused 3 phase 2400v tranformer

Hello there friends, this is your friendly neighborhood electricians at it again.  This is a high voltage 4800v-2400v 3-phase oiled filled switch gear and transformer.  This is a project that started being a service call, ( on the next blog i will show the oil filled fuse) where the fuses keep blowing out.  So this is phase one of a 3 phase blog ( no pun intended) as you can see from this photo we replaced the electrical wire which is 5kv-8kv rated wire because after much investigating and trouble-shooting, we were able to determine a short in the line from transformer to transformer.  We will have a blog about the wire later, this is a blog about just high voltage electrical in riverside, ca. a mobile home park.  So if this or any other electrical projects is needed, big or small, give us a call @ 909-528-4444.  Check us out @, like us on Facebook @ Live Wire Electric Company, follow us on Twitter @repairelectric.  Thank you.

Residential Electrical- Riverside, CA. Emergency Service Call- Electrical Main Service Panel

residential main service panel
residential repaired main service panel
residential main service panel
residential damaged main service panel

Hello folks, this is your helpful electricians from Live Wire Electric and Construction here to show you what recently happened in the City Of Riverside, CA.  This here is a new customer of ours called us on Thursday  May 2nd for an Emergency Service Call because someone had backed into their driveway and completely tore down their electrical supply line coming from the street pole to their overhead service pole on their house.  As you see from the pictures the overhead pole is completely damaged and the overhead wires were taken away by SCE because of the hazard of the original wires were to low and the overhead weather-head and pipe was damaged.  So we were called that morning and arrived on scene.  Went down to the County office because this residence fell into their jurisdiction, and proceeded to obtain a permit.  Now if you have ever tried to obtain a permit in Riverside or in that matter the County of Riverside office, you know this is an extremely trying and need of patience ordeal, and after a couple of hours, we obtained the permit.  Now here comes the clincher, Usually you will never receive same day inspection!!! Period!!! And to top it all off, it was a Thursday and they are closed on Fridays and do not do any Inspections.  But with our new customer without power and losing all their refrigerated goods, we begged and pleaded our case with the nice folks down there at that office and they did a one time same day inspection!!  So needless to say our customer was back up and running in only a few short hours, and they were happy and grateful for our expedient service.

So if this or any other Residential, Commercial, or Industrial Electrical or construction projects you need completed, large or small, give us a call @ 909-528-4444.  Visit our website at  Follow us on Facebook @ Live Wire Electric Company and follow us on Twitter @ repairelectric.  Thank You.

Commercial Electrician- San Bernardino, Ca. 3-Phase/ Single Phase Electrical Connections

5 pin electrical connectors
5 pin electrical connectors

Hello again friends, this is your local, friendly friends at Live Wire Electric & Construction co.  to share with you some work we performed in the city of San Bernardino, Ca.  This is a electrical enclosed flush mount junction box with a dead front so we could have our 5 pin electrical connections accessible to the front off the box without wires or splices being seen. This is for events at local parks, or business that have parking lot venues, or city venues who need outdoor electrical services for their tents, booths, or equipment.  If this or any other commercial, residential, or industrial electrical you are in need of, or any other construction project, give us a call @ 909-528-4444.  Visit or web-site at like us Facebook @ Live Wire Electric Company and follow us on Twitter @repairelectric.  Thank You!!

Commercial Electrician- Ontario, CA. 3-Phase 480v-277v 500 amp Breaker

500 amp breaker
   500 amp breaker

Hello again friends, this is your friendly electricians here at Live Wire Electric and Construction co.   This here is a service call/ replacement breaker for a customer of ours in the city of Ontario, CA.  This is a 480v-277v , 3 phase,  500amp main in/ main out feed distribution on breaker.  IF this or any other electrical, commercial, residential, or industrial electrical, or any other construction projected needed, give us a call @ 909-528-4444.  Check out our web-site @ like us on Facebook at Live Wire Electric Company and follow us on Twitter @repairelectric. Thank you.


Residential Electrical- Highland, CA Remodel and Install Home Entertainment Center

residential electrical


Hi there again, we are your helpful and knowledgeable friends from Live Wire Electric & Construction co to share with you a project we completed before the Super-Bowl for one of our exclusive customers.  This was a complete Remodel of this wall.  First we removes everything, electrical plates, decorations, etc. and installed all necessary electrical plugs, cable plugs, and HDMI plugs needed to conceal wires and connections behind Flat Screen TV.  Next we textured and painted wall to customers original texture on existing walls and color of paint.  After letting paint dry, we installed Flat screen tv and brackets, wireless surround sound,  surround sound bar, wall plates, decorations, and mantle back to customer specifications,  and there you have it!! Complete Game Room Surround for the big game!!  If this or any other electrical or construction project is what you are looking for give us a call @ 909-528-4444 or check out our website @  Like us on Facebook @ Live Wire Electric Company or follow us on Twitter @Repairelectric.  Thank You>