Bathroom Remodeling – Redlands & Yucaipa, California

Easy Bathroom Remodel Yucaipa Redlands CAWhen remodeling your bathoom, it’s important to do the right work in the right order. Some of the things that must be done are:

  • Repair or upgrade electricity and plumbing
  • Install and paint drywall
  • Install cabinets before tiling
  • Tile walls before floors
  • Place the toilet and the tub

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Bathroom Remodeling San Bernardino & Riverside, California

Custom Bathroom Remodeling

Remodel Bathroom Riverside
Why remodel your bathroom?

  • Fix old cabinets, loose tile or leaking sinks or tubs.
  • More storage space.
  • Create a soothing personal escape.
  • Increase your home’s value.
  • Just want something different..

Bathroom Remodeling Yucaipa


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