Industrial Roof Exhaust Fans. Repair or Install. Ontario, CA.

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These are 3 phase 460v 7.5 HP exhaust fans for a distribution center / warehouse in Ontario, CA. We installed 6 fans then flashed and sealed them. We used helicopter lift to get equipment and materials on the roof.

Also shown are the panels and switch board that controls the fans.

To get your rooftop exhaust fans up to fire code, call us at 909-528-4444 or visit our website.



Electric Power Supply for Commercial Factory or Warehouse – Ontario, CA

Electric System Capacity Warehouse Factory Ontario CAUpgrading warehouses, factories and distribution centers also means adding to the electric system load. A few kilowatts here, a few there, and you’re beyond capacity. Unexplained circuit breaker trips and blown fuses.

Delivery schedules can’t be interrupted by an electrical power failure. Let us take a look at the electrical system load in your warehouse, factory, or distribution center.

Call us at (909) 528-4444 or visit our website.